Raise Your Frequency
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Pleiadian Tourist Board & Brooke deRosa - Raise Your Frequency

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Title: Raise Your Frequency
Catalog: 362SD
Released: 23.11.2022
Type: EP
Here at Stripped we always get a buzz from introducing new acts and giving them a chance showcase their talents. This release is another one of those as we are excited to introduce the superbly named Pleiadian Tourist Board (aka Martin Spence) from Trossachs a small village in Scotland, and from Malibu, California, USA. vocalist Brooke deRosa.

This is their debut EP featuring three brand new Original works entitled "Raise Your Frequency".
01. Raise Your Frequency (Original Mix) 06:38
02. Solar Flared (Original Mix) 07:36
03. Central Sun (Original Mix) 07:41

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