The Path / Perfect Storm (Including Alex O'Rion Remix)
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GMJ & Matter - The Path / Perfect Storm (Including Alex O'Rion Remix)

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Artist: GMJ, Matter
Title: The Path / Perfect Storm (Including Alex O'Rion Remix)
Label: meanwhile
Catalog: MW011
Released: 19.02.2021
Type: EP
Continuing 2021 with typical flair and immaculate craftsmanship, Meanwhile once again turn to their label heads and renowned progressive house stars, GMJ and Matter, with "The Path / Perfect Storm". A single remix comes from legendary Dutch artist, Alex O'Rion.

Gradually starting to see their impressive skills behind the decks once more recognised in a live setting in their native Australia, GMJ and Matter have continued to spend much of their time in the studio environment during the global pandemic. The resultant efforts have produced a range of stunning new original material as "The Path" ably demonstrates. Characterised by a sumptuous rolling groove that powers forward at unrelenting pace, a bassline as deep as the Laurentian abyss sits effortlessly alongside triplet hi-hats and seismic kick. Before long an array of pads, reverb-coated effects and a shimmering arpeggio pave the way for a wonderful lead synth to shine. Hitting its stride at the mid-point, arpeggiated variations and open filters create a rousing crescendo in a commanding work that showcases the Australian duo's skills in abundance.

Continuing the narrative of inexorable percussive groove and bottomless bassline, "Perfect Storm" is another club floor-filler of epic proportions. Pulsating pads and white-noise effects jostle with an open-envelope arpeggio that pitches and falls as it glistens through sonic overlays. As the various elements converge and diverge in rolling waves, the title provides an apposite sonic image for a track containing all the necessary qualities to provide smooth sailing chart success.

Straight from a year that has seen him scale the heights of the underground dance scene with unrivalled pace, Dutch icon, Alex O'Rion returns. After a year that saw releases for Cid Inc.'s Replug, Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat Music and Nick Warren's The Soundgarden, O'Rion's Meanwhile remixes of GMJ and Matter's "Gauntlet" were yet another notable highlight along a stellar 2020. Now returning with his inimitable style and flair, the Alex O'Rion remix of "The Path" builds on the deep undulating groove of the original whilst building a new bassline component that bristles with intent, emotion and dancefloor prowess. Using the central arpeggiated motif of "The Path", richly textured pads provide new melodic direction as white-noise washes crash against the rhythmic bedrock in pulsating waves. The resultant interpretation finds Alex O'Rion at his consummate best with a flawless mix of technique and precision.

Navigating "The Path" of promise with grace and style, a "Perfect Storm" of sonic ingenuity sees GMJ and Matter continue to ride a tidal wave full of success.

1. GMJ & Matter - The Path (Original Mix) 8:03
2. GMJ & Matter - The Path (Alex O'Rion Remix) 8:31
3. GMJ & Matter - Perfect Storm (Original Mix) 7:32
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