Leave You Alone
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Sons Of Maria - Leave You Alone

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Artist: Sons Of Maria
Title: Leave You Alone
Catalog: ETC503
Released: 03.03.2023
Type: Single
Sometimes we just need a minute to ourselves. That one private moment where we are re-collecting our thoughts and sort our feelings can be precious. The most intimate moment doesn't need to be shared with anyone, just with good music. And that's where Swiss based act SONS OF MARIA comes into the game. The duo knows how to create fragile and emotional deep house and electronica music. With regular support from many specialized chillout radio stations, they don't need to hide anymore and can stand strong with their beautiful music.
Their newest track, LEAVE YOU ALONE, invites to dive into a gorgeous soundbed of melodies and pads, vocals and beats that perfectly match up. The result is an emotional downbeat deep house track that carries all the right feelings to make us happy and having a great time.
Sons Of Maria - Leave You Alone (Extended Mix) 5:56

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