Enter My People
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Michael Warren (PL) - Enter My People

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Title: Enter My People
Label: Steyoyoke
Catalog: SYYK186
Released: 03.03.2023
Type: EP
All the way from the US, Michael Warren joins Steyoyoke's family presenting a straightforward Ethereal EP, "Enter My People". Composed of 2 impressive original tracks and a remix from the Italian artist Singolarita, there is no doubt that your body and soul will lift once exposed to this fantastic musical journey.

The title track, "Enter My People", is a bundle of emotions set in one tune conveying a dark and melodic ambiance, keeping the mystery alive. "Englemaister" continues this dance apotheosis with its driving bassline and conventional plucky arpeggio leads which are quintessential "melodic techno". Lastly, the Singolarita remix of "Enter My People" rounds off this immaculately emotional EP with a contrast of sharp and soft sounds, coming together to force a whirlwind of feeling, and music.

"Enter My People" is an expressive EP, unveiling a resonating state of mind to the listener. Enjoy the powerful and ethereal nature in every corner of each track.
[6:46] 1. Michael Warren (PL) - Enter My People (Original Mix)
[6:15] 2. Michael Warren (PL) - Englemaister (Original Mix)
[6:45] 3. Michael Warren (PL) - Enter My People (Singolarità Remix)

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