Green to Red
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Vince Schuld - Green to Red

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Artist: Vince Schuld
Title: Green to Red
Catalog: DISCOVER312
Released: 03.03.2023
Type: EP
Vince Schuld returns to Discover with Green to Red, an epic vocal track that shows off Vince's vocal, musical and production talents to full effect.

Uplifting and intense, fans of Vince's brilliant single, Disconnected are in for a treat as this shares part of its musical DNA with that classic track.

Having said that, Green to Red choses to look forward not back, heralding the arrival of his soon to be unleashed artist album, which harbours a multitude of influences.

Included in the package is the wonderful From Within, bringing together elements of techno and world music plus all the dubs and radio edits needed to make this a heavyweight package of huge proportions.

Stay tuned as there is more to follow very soon from this talented one man production powerhouse.
1. Green to Red (Original Mix) 06:22
2. Green to Red (Extended Dub Mix) 06:22
3. Green to Red (Radio edit) 03:11
4. From Within (Extended Mix) 06:36
5. From Within (Radio Edit) 04:41
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