Winter Sampler (One)
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Mari Karmazin & Anonymo & Nathan Van Den Bergh - Winter Sampler (One)

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Title: Winter Sampler (One)
Label: White Soho
Catalog: WHS130
Released: 03.03.2023
Type: EP
The Winter Sampler release is a compilation album featuring works from three talented artists. Mari Karmazin,Anonymo and Nathan van Bergh.

Each artist brings their own unique sound and style to the label, making this release a diverse and engaging listening experience.

The first artist, Mari Karmazin 'Changes' is a stunning example of melodic techno at its finest. From the opening beat, the listener is transported into a world of pulsing rhythm and soaring melodies. The production is top-notch, with crisp sound design and a masterful use of synth textures.

The second artist, Anonymo 'Orbital Rescue' The track in question has a relentless drive that sets the tone for an unforgettable experience.
From the moment the beat drops, the listener is instantly transported to a world of pulsating rhythm and electrifying energy.

Finally, the third artist, Nathan Van Den Bergh 'On My Way' If you're a fan of progressive house music with a touch of vocal elements, then you might be interested in the work of a Dutch producer who incorporates these elements in their tracks. This producer's style is characterized by lush, atmospheric soundscapes, driving beats, and soulful vocals that really pull you into the music and keep you there.

Overall, the Winter Sampler release is a fantastic showcase of the talent and versatility of these three artists. Whether you're in the mood for something dreamy, energetic, or epic, this release has something for everyone. It's a must-listen for fans of winter-themed music and anyone looking for something fresh and exciting to add to their playlist.
01. Mari Karmazin - Changes ...................... 03:49
02. Mari Karmazin - Changes (Extended Mix) ....... 05:32
03. Anonymo - Orbital Rescue ..................... 03:59
04. Anonymo - Orbital Rescue (Extended Mix) ...... 06:44
05. Nathan Van Den Bergh - On My Way ............. 03:43
06. Nathan Van Den Bergh - On My Way (Extended Mix) 05:17

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