Obelisk (Sebrof & Under This Remixes)
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EverLight & Emma Chatt - Obelisk (Sebrof & Under This Remixes)

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Title: Obelisk (Sebrof & Under This Remixes)
Label: VII
Catalog: VII084
Released: 03.03.2023
Type: Single
Originally released on our sister label Deep In Thought, Obelisk was a big moment for EverLight who teamed up with Emma Chatt to create this dark, sinister, gritty vocal record that we knew we'd need to come back to and remix one day. Well that day has now come and we decided to Sebrof was the ideal candidate to take on a hard techno interpretation while Under This took it more in a futuristic breaks vibe. A brilliant two track EP packed with raw attitude.
1. Everlight feat. Emma Chatt - Obelisk (Sebrof Extended Remix) 5:15
2. Everlight feat. Emma Chatt - Obelisk (Under This Extended Remix) 5:36

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