In This Life
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Satin Jackets - In This Life

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Artist: Satin Jackets
Title: In This Life
Catalog: GHR 002
Released: 03.03.2023
Type: Single
01. In This Life 4:07

For the second single on his own imprint, Golden Hour, Tim Bernhardt has recruited American singer Mandy Jones - adding an uplifting message to a track that alludes back to the days of soulful, feel-good house. With a passionate, moving voice Mandy inspires you to give everything, while the subtle piano and percussion lift you up to higher grounds. The combination of melodic vibes with sophisticated vocals is no new territory for Tim, and with “In This Life” he manages to show that there is still more left to be explored. Again, Satin Jackets proves he is here to stay, with an almost Balearic feel to a track you’ll want to hear once more the moment it’s over.
5 Mar 2023 в 05:40
превосходный трек!
5 Mar 2023 в 13:24
Отличный трек👏
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