In Madness Lies Sanity
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Atóm (IE) - In Madness Lies Sanity

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Artist: Atóm (IE)
Title: In Madness Lies Sanity
Label: Terranova
Catalog: TNV024B
Released: 03.03.2023
Type: EP
01. In Madness Lies Sanity (Original Mix) 8:23
02. In Madness Lies Sanity (Sam Welt Remix) 6:26

Rising from the misty shores of Ireland, Atóm (IE) descends upon Terranova Records with a tempest of electrifying beats and ethereal melodies. As a masterful electronic DJ and producer, Atóm effortlessly blends the worlds of techno, organic-house, and downtempo, creating a unique and boundary-pushing sound. His first track landing on Terranova called "In Madness lies sanity," Atóm takes listeners on a journey through the unknown realms, propelled forward by a pulsing kick and sharp hi-hats, while mysterious undertones swirl around the contemplative drums. As the track progresses, an immersive break, fueled by otherworldly voices, draws you in before throwing you out on the other side, leaving you questioning what lies ahead.

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