Jostos /  Chidie / Shuwee
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Ron Flatter - Jostos / Chidie / Shuwee

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Artist: Ron Flatter
Title: Jostos / Chidie / Shuwee
Catalog: SSR198
Released: 03.03.2023
Type: EP
One of our favorite German producers Ron Flatter is debuting on Songspire with a three track EP full of big dancefloor mayhem. Each separate track can tear up every club at every given moment of the night. Jostos, Chidie and Shuwee each own a strength to reel you in the story of the tune. All records contain a deep attractive bassline and groove that distinguish it from others and leads towards a build-up and energy that sets it apart like you would never expect, this EP is one of a kind and one that will be supported for a long time to come.
[6:57] 1. Ron Flatter - Jostos
[6:57] 2. Ron Flatter - Chidie
[7:21] 3. Ron Flatter - Shuwee

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