Sexual Healing
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Somelee - Sexual Healing

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Artist: Somelee
Title: Sexual Healing
Catalog: KSR029DJ
Released: 03.03.2023
Type: Single
Somelee's 'Sexual Healing' is a smooth and soulful addition to the world of organic house music. The track begins with a pulsing beat and seductive female vocal that immediately draws the listener in. The use of analog instrumentation, including a prominent piano line, adds a warm and organic quality to the production.

Somelee delivers a sensual performance, perfectly capturing the mood of the track. 'Sexual Healing' is a standout production that showcases Somelee's skill as a producer and musician. It's a deeply satisfying listen that will no doubt find a home in many livesets to come.
[6:39] 1. Somelee - Sexual Healing

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