Bionic Heart
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Darksun & Aves Volare - Bionic Heart

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Artist: Darksun, Aves Volare
Title: Bionic Heart
Catalog: PLT268N
Released: 03.03.2023
Type: Single
Darksun returns to the Polyptych. After the well-received single "Cyberlove", as well as the new single "Shoriyanka" on their label "5H", they come to the Noir side again with the new single "Bionic Heart". Dynamic and rhythmic basis, exciting harmonies, intense sounds of synthesizers, and bewitching vocals of Aves Volare - all this is "Bionic Heart". The release was supported with a remix by Circle of Life, revealing the track from a slightly different, more atmospheric side, and giving it his vision, while not losing the merits of the original.
01. Bionic Heart (Extended Mix) 06:20
02. Bionic Heart (Circle of Life Extended Remix) 06:58

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