Hypnotic Frequencies
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Moon Tripper - Hypnotic Frequencies

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Artist: Moon Tripper
Title: Hypnotic Frequencies
Label: Altar Records
Catalog: ARCDA130
Released: 03.03.2023
Type: Album
Moon Tripper's 'Hypnotic Frequencies' is a mesmerizing journey through psychill, progressive and psytrance soundscapes.
Ranging from 80 until 128 bpm, the album seamlessly blends ethereal melodies with driving beats, creating an immersive listening experience that is both contemplative and energizing. The production is top-notch, with a crisp and clear mix that allows each element of the music to shine through.
Standout tracks include 'Spiritual Smiles,' with its soaring synth lines and pulsing bass, and 'Mystical Realm' a beautifully-crafted downtempo piece.
Overall, 'Hypnotic Frequencies' is a must-listen for fans of chillgressive and psytrance, and a truly impressive new release from Moon Tripper on Altar Records.
[13:04] 01. Moon Tripper - Inside Your Head
[10:16] 02. Astral Waves - Black Panther Medicine (Moon Tripper Remix)
[6:58] 03. Moon Tripper - Mystical Realm
[7:16] 04. Moon Tripper - Transcendental
[6:00] 05. Moon Tripper - Arise
[7:00] 06. Moon Tripper - Hypnotic Frequencies
[7:56] 07. Moon Tripper - Dopamine
[8:53] 08. Moon Tripper - Spiritual Smiles
[8:00] 09. Moon Tripper - Elevated State
[6:47] 10. Moon Tripper - Earth's Consciousness


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