Almost Human
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Es:C - Almost Human

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Artist: Es:C
Title: Almost Human
Catalog: ASR473
Released: 06.03.2023
Type: Single
Es:C makes a flawless return on AS with the new fabulous melodic techno offering 'Almost Human', full of sophisticated soundscapes and gorgeous dark vibes. Remixing 'Almost Human' we have the one and only Kay-D applying his hypnotic progressive magic once again and Marcel Nowotnik who provides the edgier and club-ready take focused on the extra tight groove and proper tension control. To sum it up, here's one more fabulous single to be added to our stunning discography!
1. ES:C - Almost Human (Extended Mix) 6:29
2. ES:C - Almost Human (Kay-D Extended Remix) 7:29
3. ES:C - Almost Human (Marcel Nowotnik Extended Remix) 7:10

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