A life in minor
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Smooth - A life in minor

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Artist: Smooth
Title: A life in minor
Label: CYAN
Released: 03.03.2023
Type: Album
1.Exobiant 14:28
2.Last rays of day 19:52
3.Dark spots 14:08
4.Via lactea 16:40
5.Snowflakes 14:48
6.Reboot universe.exe 17:50
7.Iter ad glaciem 17:54
8.Procul inspicere 18:30
9.Stars are holes in the coat of night 19:02
10.Studio 54 14:38
11.Night shifts 19:42
12.Leaving earth 20:16
13.Nocte 16:50
14.A life in minor 16:58
15.Pale blue dot com 19:12
16.4 AM human 13:02
17.Excitare sub astra 15:38
18.Rails heading east 13:32
19.Vik 11:50
20.Infinite white 13:36
21.Among extraterrestrials 18:12
22.Profundus 10:24
23.Alien snack bar 15:28
24.Distant lights of warmth 15:56
25.Flying ambassador in void 15:00
26.Blue life black clouds 17:02
27.Fading into melancholia 14:44

"A life in minor" - no matter, if you feel minor or major - is my latest collection of 27 brand new tracks i worked on the last 14 months with lots of love and passion. Dubtechno in many forms and variations, but also influences by other musical genres inbetween. Expect deep and atmospheric Dubtechno in many facets with intense build-ups and long fading outros to give you a relaxing and calming listening experience. All tracks have been handcrafted with lots of details and put together without interruptions between the tracks, so you can enjoy the music completely in a single flow. My intention on this release was to give melancholy and the feeling of minor a musical face. There is the background noise of life besides emotions fading like delays and reverbs within the music. This album needs time to listen to, so please take your time! Overall, you will find over 8 hours of music to explore... This release can also be downloaded for free. If you feel you would like to support me, you are also welcome! Ladies & gentlemen, many thanks for listening and have a nice flight! Dedicated in love to Jaja and Luna!

5 Mar 2023 в 14:36
8 часов отборного Dub Techno с плавными Ambient переходами, что может быть лучше..
6 Mar 2023 в 00:41
Просто зашибенно!!
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