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Resteed - Kalopsia

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Artist: Resteed
Title: Kalopsia
Catalog: CS112
Released: 06.03.2023
Type: EP
Madloch's Crossfade Sounds is excited to welcome Resteed from Brazil to the label with his latest release, the three-track original EP "Kalopsia". This EP showcases Resteed's incredible talent and versatility as a producer, with each track offering a unique and captivating listening experience. The title track "Kalopsia" is a deep, atmospheric journey that will transport listeners to a place of contemplation and introspection. "Expressão" and "Utopia" both offer a fresh take on deep house, with captivating beats and intricate melodies that are sure to get your body moving. This EP is a must-listen for fans of deep house and electronic music, and we're proud to have Resteed join the Crossfade Sounds family.
[7:00] 1. Resteed - Kalopsia
[6:01] 2. Resteed - Expressão
[6:34] 3. Resteed - Utopia

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