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KovaX & The Khitrov - Afrodisiac

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Artist: KovaX, The Khitrov
Title: Afrodisiac
Catalog: PSR004
Released: 07.03.2023
Type: EP
Aphrodisiacs have been known since ancient times in the East, they help to strengthen the attraction of one person to another, inspiring love and passion. Various shamans and tribes used various gifts of nature to extract this amazing property from them. Having passed a long historical path, aphrodisiac in our time can be found in food or perfumes, which helps to strengthen the attraction to the opposite sex. Carefully choose perfumes, your life may change, but if you suddenly come across the same ones, this track will perfectly complement the playful mood.
A good and very atmospheric work from two producers Kovax and The Khitrov, in the genre of progressive house, will be a great addition to your playlist.
01. Kovax, The Khitrov - Afrodisiac (Original Mix) [05:36]
02. KovaX, The Khitrov - Ladder (Original Mix) [07:12]

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