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Michael A - Florum

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Artist: Michael A
Title: Florum
Label: Proton Music
Catalog: PROTON0533
Released: 10.03.2023
Type: Single
A prolific artist at the peak of his production powers, Michael A continues his partnership with Proton Music through a raft of new music, most notably via his "Fantasy" series which has seen four volumes of stunning original music and outstanding remixes.

Returning to Proton with a single release for early 2022, "Florum" is an immaculately crafted track that builds in seamless fashion with a clicking percussive top-line paving the way for smoothly modulated pads and twinkling arpeggio to light an iridescent path. Gradually adding new layers, a beautiful new motif makes its play, rising and falling with ease as other sonic layers seamlessly enter the fray. A bassline groove adds typical dancefloor prowess and emotion as the array of melodic elements join forces in the second half to magical effect.
Through his prodigious talent and prolific output, Michal A blossoms once more in "Florum".
[6:48] 1. Michael A - Florum (Extended Mix)

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