Sahalé’s Finest
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Sahalé - Sahalé’s Finest

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Artist: Sahalé
Title: Sahalé’s Finest
Catalog: IS074
Released: 10.03.2023
Type: Album
Inner Symphony proudly presents "Sahale's Finest" a highly anticipated album featuring 11 of Sahale's best tracks. This album invites listeners on a journey through a rich and captivating nomadic world, where Sahale's mystical melodies and harmonies take center stage. These elements have become the distinctive signature of Sahale's style and are what have made him an inspiring and successful artist in the downtempo and organic house music genres. "Sahale's Finest" is not only a musical masterpiece, but also a beautiful story that showcases deep emotions and transports listeners to another world. This is an album not to be missed, and we at Inner Symphony are thrilled to bring it to you.
[12:31] 1. Sahalé - Contes de pluie et de Lune (Original Mix)
[6:24] 2. Sahalé - Djiin (Original Mix)
[7:09] 3. Sahalé - Magharibi (Original Mix)
[6:36] 4. Sahalé & Samarana - Ntaolo (Original Mix)
[7:37] 5. Sahalé - Le Petit Prince (Original Mix)
[5:39] 6. Sahalé - Avapaje (Original Mix)
[6:44] 7. Sahalé - Esfahran (Original Mix)
[6:42] 8. Sahalé - Middle Eastern Promises (Original Mix)
[6:33] 9. Sahalé - Who we are (Original Mix)
[10:58] 10. Sahalé - Tortous Maze (Original Mix)
[3:29] 11. Sahalé - Ushinawa (Original Mix)

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