Witcher  / Vermillion
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Kakura - Witcher / Vermillion

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Artist: Kakura
Title: Witcher / Vermillion
Label: Manual Music
Catalog: MAN382
Released: 10.03.2023
Type: EP
A brand new name on Manual Music as Sean and Amber aka Kakura enter the long running Dutch imprint with a double A-sider that features the tracks 'Witcher' and 'Vermillion'.

The release kicks off with 'Witcher', a melodic tension builder crafted on a strong layer of afro beats and percussion. Super fierce and ever mysterious, this one properly sets the tone for what's to follow next.

'Vemillion' takes things up a notch as the tempo is increased and so are the energy levels. Resulting in a proper peak time effective dancefloor burner. All systems go!

And now for something special, as we are proud to present the remix winner- and runner up for the 'Witcher' remix contest we did together with FMM (finishmoremusic). Wisso did an amazing job, taking the afro elements of the original to the next level and belding a gritty, relentless arpeggiator to the mix, whilst Arqade took a totally different approach with his broken beats electronica version. Both very worthy of their appearance on this release without a doubt!

And if that's not enough, Kamilo Sanclemente makes his long awaited return to the label and has brought his mate Jossem along for the ride as the pair remix 'Vermillion', shaping it up for the progressive house audience to love.
[7:52] 1. Kakura - Witcher
[7:33] 2. Kakura - Vermillion
[6:40] 3. Kakura - Witcher (Wisso Remix)
[6:17] 4. Kakura - Witcher (Arqade Remix)
[7:22] 5. Kakura - Vermillion (Kamilo Sanclemente & Jossem Remix)

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