Come Back
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Smorphya - Come Back

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Artist: Smorphya
Title: Come Back
Catalog: BP11402023
Released: 10.03.2023
Type: EP
Francesco Morosini, aka Smorphya returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb 'Come Back'. Francesco has a wealth of experience in the electronic music scene, having started his career as a DJ playing at some of the biggest venues in Europe. His natural progression into music production led him to produce over 130 singles in the 90's under various aliases and remix the works of renowned artists such as Emmanuel Top, Rubicon, and Grandmaster Flash. After his hiatus from the scene, he has come back with a fresh new sound and a renewed passion for expressing himself through his music. With his extensive background and technical skills, he is making a big impact once again.

The Original Mix is an infectious track that opens with a mesmerizing melody and ethereal vocals. The track quickly picks up the pace with its driving bassline and powerful kicks, creating a pulsating rhythm that is sure to get the dance floor moving. The classic gated vocal effects add a touch of retro flavour, while airy pads and shimmering synths provide an uplifting and energetic atmosphere. During the break, the haunting vocals return, building to a breathtaking climax before the drop takes the track to its satisfying conclusion. Closing the release, the Alternative Mix opens with punchy kicks and a rolling bassline that ramps up the energy as the groove takes the floor by storm. Classic style gated vox tease while airy pads and arpeggiated synths rise up. On the break, twisting, morphing synths take hold, creating an ethereal atmosphere before we head to the final act. Not to be missed.
[7:07] 1. Smorphya - Come Back (Original Mix)
[5:25] 2. Smorphya - Come Back (Alternative Mix)

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Alternative Mix
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