My Everything
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Tonski - My Everything

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Artist: Tonski
Title: My Everything
Catalog: ITAX017
Released: 10.03.2023
Type: Single
If you have been feeling a certain void in your musical soul, don't worry, you're not alone. Something has been missing from the musical landscape, and Intonenation Axiom has the remedy for your sonic vacancy because Tonski is back! Dropping a brand new old school/new vibes anthem, My Everything, the Belgian beat meister will have you back on the dance floor with just one listen. Combining edgy pulsating analog sounds with primal melodic tones, Tonski brings the club vibe to your door and walks you right inside. My Everything delivers in full with dark synths, rising sirens, and a beat that just won't quit. Let Tonski take you on a journey to reignite your passion to party and find that thing you were missing with My Everything.
01. My Everything ................................ 03:34
02. My Everything (Extended Mix) ................. 05:39

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