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Pysh & Kosy & Zazula - Taruta

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Artist: Pysh, Kosy, Zazula
Title: Taruta
Catalog: RBR240
Released: 10.03.2023
Type: EP
It's our honor to have back Pysh on Ritter Butzke Records after his debut release "Hesitance" a while ago!

"Taruta EP" virtuously combines the worlds of electronic music and Slavic folk and was recorded with two choirs from Poland: Zazula and Kosy.

With "Taruta" Pysh lays the foundation for this excellent and clubby three tracker. Epic vocals and numerous variations of the main theme guarantee enchanted faces on the dancefloor.

"Pojde" lives on its rave attitude and an intense lead synth that will surely stay in the memory of many listeners and dancers. Beautifully executed vocals with an excessive drop are the cherry on top.

With a suspenseful soundscape and complementary melodies, Marcus Meinhardt applies his own distinct style to his interpretation of "Pojde". An all-rounder that fits equally well for peak time and warm-up.
[6:52] 1. Pysh & Kosy - Taruta
[7:20] 2. Pysh & Zazula - Pojde
[7:21] 3. Pysh & Zazula - Pojde (Marcus Meinhardt Remix)

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