Your Ego Is Not Your Friend
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Peve - Your Ego Is Not Your Friend

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Artist: Peve
Title: Your Ego Is Not Your Friend
Catalog: RDT028
Released: 10.03.2023
Type: EP
Brazilian up and coming artist Peve joins Rebellion der Traumer for its 28th EP with three tracks that each provide a taste of his intricate feeling for relentless grooves and deep atmospheres. The release is complete with a remix by Gespona who recently made his mark on Stil vor Talent.
[7:04] 1. Peve - Zagi
[7:15] 2. Peve - Submbali
[7:20] 3. Peve - Lilah
[6:20] 4. Peve - Lilah (Gespona Remix)

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