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Enoki - Amalgamation

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Artist: Enoki
Title: Amalgamation
Catalog: UTR067
Released: 11.03.2023
Type: EP
Enoki has dropped an absolutely mammoth debut EP that incorporates everything your senses could possibly want for doof goodness. 'Amalgamation' is the beginning of an exciting journey with Enoki, being the latest artist to have signed with Universal Tribe Records. The release incorporates a journey through lush soundscapes filled with playful elements, keeping it funky with a twist of jazzy influence and lots of surprises to keep you on your toes when experiencing his take to the Deep Daytime sound.
01. Enoki - Tales Of The Turkey (Original Mix) [08:59]
02. Enoki - Hyper Glaze Marinade (Original Mix) [08:31]
03. Enoki - Preordained Marmalade (Original Mix) [08:34]
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