Since You're Here (The Remixes)
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SixthSense - Since You're Here (The Remixes)

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Artist: SixthSense
Title: Since You're Here (The Remixes)
Catalog: SWD027
Released: 14.03.2023
Type: EP
A beautiful release by Sixthsense which touched the heart of people.

We're delighted to present "Since You're Here" remixed by three talented artists.

Slovakia-based Mark and Lukas debut their first release on Sunwaves Digital remixing "Since You're Here" presenting a touch of sweetness, joy, and hope, a very remarkable style from this Duo.

Poland-based Skyline Project returns to our label making the version of the original release, emotive and inspiring sounding.

Mexico-based Andrew Frenir presents a very spring-styled version of the original. The complement of the vocals gives a lovely result taking you to the land of paradise.

[6:37] 1. SixthSense - Since You're Here (Mark & Lukas Remix)
[6:37] 2. SixthSense - Since You're Here (Skyline Project Remix)
[8:40] 3. SixthSense - Since You're Here (Andrew Frenir Remix)

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