All I See (Remixes)
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Rodrigo Deem & Sirolf - All I See (Remixes)

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Artist: Rodrigo Deem, Sirolf
Title: All I See (Remixes)
Catalog: ENPROG514RE
Released: 15.03.2023
Type: Single
The remixes of 'All I See' by Rodrigo Deem and Sirolf come to Enhanced Progressive!

Rodrigo Deem is one of the label's most consistent contributors and now we welcome two exquisite remixes of his latest single 'All I See' with vocalist Sirolf. First up is Leonard A - the Mexican producer is in fine form as he follows up February's 'Celestial' with a remix that that is triumphantly powerful through gargantuan bass and uplifting melodies. Máximo Lasso follows with a take that crosses over between prog house and techno, injecting the original with a remarkably bubbly groove that is propelled forward by slick bass and punchy percussion.
1. All I See (Leonard A Remix) 03:26
2. All I See (Máximo Lasso Remix) 03:29
3. All I See 04:08
4. All I See (Leonard A Extended Remix) 05:52
5. All I See (Máximo Lasso Extended Remix) 05:48
14 Mar 2023 в 13:33
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