Nobody Knows Why
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PsyTronic & Cosmic buddha - Nobody Knows Why

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Title: Nobody Knows Why
Catalog: REG382
Released: 15.03.2023
Type: Single
Nobody Knows Why' by Psytronic vs Cosmic Buddha is a high-energy, psychedelic trance track with a tempo of 148 beats per minute. The track starts off with a pulsing bassline and swirling synth melodies, setting the stage for an immersive, trippy journey. As the track progresses, the energy builds with layers of intricate drum beats and mesmerizing sound effects. The vocals are haunting and mysterious, adding an eerie element to the already intense atmosphere. The climax of the track features a euphoric blend of soaring synth lines and driving beats, leaving the listener in a state of trance. Overall, 'Nobody Knows Why' is a masterfully crafted, mind-bending experience that is sure to take you on a journey through the depths of the psychedelic realm.
PsyTronic & Cosmic buddha - Nobody Knows Why (Original Mix) [07:34]

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