The Hatters
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Minions - The Hatters

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Artist: Minions
Title: The Hatters
Catalog: TS013
Released: 15.03.2023
Type: Single
In memory of Corey Felsman, The Madhatter

Track written by Kri Samadhi and Synthetic Culture

Corey memoir

This track is in dedication to our dear friend Corey Felsman aka 'The Madhatter'.

I was asked to write a few words about Corey to honor his memory. This is a difficult task for me, because if you haven't met him or spent time with him, you just wouldn't get it.

Corey was a vibrant walking being of mischief and playfulness. He brought color to any room he entered both internally and externally. See. whenever I saw Corey, I felt like there was a some kind of celebration to life. (It didn't matter if that was actually happening).

Of course, if not hundreds, but thousands of us got to see this full demonstration come to life when he got on stage. He was a resemblance of child-like energy. To me, he represents the part of me that wants to stay in Neverland (or Wonderland).

He turned dark, stiff industrial rooms into shining neon playhouses, both literally and metaphorically. No matter how awkward a vibe was in any given situation, the second he entered the setting, he always made the tension mist away just from saying or simply being his silly self.

In all my times around Corey, we would never run out of things to talk about and it was difficult to make the conversations uninteresting.
Minions - The Hatters (Original Mix) [07:28]

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