Sunrise (2023 Remaster)
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DJ V.A.R. - Sunrise (2023 Remaster)

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Artist: DJ V.A.R.
Title: Sunrise (2023 Remaster)
Catalog: FFR156
Released: 15.03.2023
Type: Single
In 2019, DJ V.A.R. dropped us his biggest track to date "Sunrise". It garnered momentous support at the time and climbed the labels internal charts as one of our top supported tunes that year, since then, V.A.R. has been honing his skills in the studio and came to us recently with the idea of re-releasing Sunrise with some minor adjustments and a remaster to give it a clean and updated sound. Due to its previous support we felt it was a worthwhile endeavor so here it is, we hope it hits the ears with pleasant vibes and perhaps it will see a revisit to the charts and even the club dance floors. The same sun rises every morning but there's always something new and beautiful about each one, let this be a new Sunrise in your own lives.
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