Paranoid Girl (Remixes)
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Vitaly Shturm - Paranoid Girl (Remixes)

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Artist: Vitaly Shturm
Title: Paranoid Girl (Remixes)
Label: Future Avenue
Catalog: FA298
Released: 15.03.2023
Type: Single
The latest release on Future Avenue sees Vitaly Shturm make a comeback to the label with his highly anticipated "Paranoid Girl" remixes EP. This exciting project features the works of three talented artists, Fatih Ulusoy, Shanil Alox, and Matias Burna, who have put their own spin on the original track. Each remix is a unique interpretation of the song, showcasing the versatility and creativity of the artists involved. The "Paranoid Girl" remixes EP is a must-listen for fans of Vitaly Shturm, as well as anyone who appreciates quality progressive house music. With its diverse range of sounds and styles, this EP promises to be a standout release that will get everyone moving on the dance floor.
01. Paranoid Girl (Fatih Ulusoy Remix) 07:19
02. Paranoid Girl (Shanil Alox Remix) 07:56
03. Paranoid Girl (Matias Burna Remix) 06:23
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