Selador Decade EP 1
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VA - Selador Decade EP 1

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Artist: VA
Title: Selador Decade EP 1
Label: Selador
Catalog: SEL165
Released: 24.03.2023
Type: EP
Selador Decade EP1

3D (Danny Howells, Darren Emerson, Dave Seaman) x Robert Owens: 'Known Love'

Robert could sing the football results and we'd swoon.. The one and only 3D crew underpin this with a classic bassline and subtle riffing, all of which makes for, to our ears, a bone fide contemporary classic.

Olivier Giacomotto x Quivver: 'Snailblazer'

Let this sonic sledgehammer act as your SatNav, whether your destination of choice is slap bang in the centre of the dance floor, perched precariously by booming bass bins, or travelling to electronic nirvana via your personal headphone world. Large!

Argia x Jepe: 'Salitre'

Our next international team up sees Spain repped by rising star Argia, who we've wanted on the label for aeons; and the Portugeuse born, Berlin based, Jepe. Our collaborators here chose each other, and it shows in the resulting magic, a sultry builder that wraps you in its blanket of emotive riffs throughout a life-affirming 8 minute wonder.

Anthony Pappa x Jamie Stevens x Alice Rose 'Nothing To Hide'

Our Aussie dream team, responsible for several of our most loved tracks of recent years, team up with the voice of one of Selador's most pivotal releases in Alice Rose, vocalist on Jaap Ligthart's celebrated 'I Know Change'. It is, as you will no doubt have guessed, a total barnstormer, and the perfect way to round off EP 1 of this thrilling Selador Decade series.

Selador for life. Acid House forever!

[7:49] 1. Robert Owens & Darren Emerson & Danny Howells & Dave Seaman & 3D - Known Love
[6:42] 2. Quivver & Olivier Giacomotto - Snailblazer
[7:52] 3. Jepe & Argia - Salitre
[7:13] 4. Jamie Stevens & Anthony Pappa & Alice Rose - Nothing To Hide

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