Between (Trilucid Remix)
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Klur - Between (Trilucid Remix)

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Artist: Klur
Title: Between (Trilucid Remix)
Catalog: ENCOLOR337R1E
Released: 15.03.2023
Type: Single
Colorize welcomes a luscious remix of track #7 from Swedish producer Klur's debut album 'Visions', with British producer pairing Trilcuid taking the track to lofty heights. Their remix is undeniably resplendent, anchored by a graceful arpeggiated lead synth that waxes and wanes over a smooth rhythm section and airy strings. It's a poignant, tranquil remix that you won't want to miss.
[6:38] 1. Klur - Between (Trilucid DJ Extended Remix)
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