Teleport (Save the Robot Remix)
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Man With No Name - Teleport (Save the Robot Remix)

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Title: Teleport (Save the Robot Remix)
Label: Iboga Records
Released: 17.03.2023
Type: Single
Man With No Name (aka Martin Freeland) needs no introduction - involved in the music industry since the 1980's, he is internationally renowned as a pioneer of the old school goa trance sound, and his signature style has stood its ground over the progression of time and changing soundscapes of the psychedelic trance scene. Although relatively quiet from a recordings perspective since the mid nighties, Martin's timeless tunes continue to capture the heart and imagination of artists across a variety of genres, resulting in a plethora of fresh reworks. As is the case with this fresh Save the Robot rework of the 2005 Man With No Name classic "Teleport".

Save the Robot is a cybernetic 2 piece, electronic component ensemble comprising of Ari Linker and Ido Liran. The two artists behind the Save the Robot project joined forces to bring out their unique collaborative sound and create something bigger and bolder. Their deep, melodic sound and high production skill reveal the depth and experiences accumulated over their 20 year musical journey, and it is that fusion of slick and polished production technique that breathes dynamic and powerful prowess to their rework. With every element of the mix honouring the original while bringing it into a new light, their remix of "Teleport" has already made a massive impact on dance floors worldwide, and is guaranteed to move more hearts and feet as the remix now finally reaches across even greater scopes with its release on Iboga Records.
[8:16] 1. Man With No Name - Teleport (Save the Robot Remix)
19 Mar 2023 в 07:55
Это же чистый псай или гоа хотя бы.
Его трек Vavoom - вышка! Ремикс сделал звук свежее.
19 Mar 2023 в 08:07
Ответ на: morozilnik
Это же чистый псай или гоа хотя бы.Его трек Vavoom - вышка! Ремикс сделал звук свежее. Показать больше
SlowPsyProg какой-то, но не мелодик хаус энд техно, это уж точно
19 Mar 2023 в 09:10
Достаточно интересная версия оригинального трека
19 Mar 2023 в 15:44
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