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Ahmed Helmy & D72 - Analogy

Rating: 3.2 Votes: 6
Artist: Ahmed Helmy, D72
Title: Analogy
Label: Armind
Catalog: ARMD1709
Released: 17.03.2023
Type: Single
Courtesy of two creators who've been showcasing their production skill on Armin van Buuren's Armind label as of late, 'Analogy' turns a dark and futuristic theme into a no-holds-barred banger. From the ever-intensifying buildup to the anthemic melody taking listeners somewhere cosmic, this offering from Ahmed Helmy and D72 will be wreaking havoc on mainstages worldwide.
Ahmed Helmy & D72 - Analogy (Extended Mix) 6:23

16 Mar 2023 в 18:44
Шляпа полная
16 Mar 2023 в 20:36
Надеюсь я доживу до того момента ,когда это противное звучание выйдет из моды
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