Timeless Vol.4
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Dommano & Patrick Medina & Weekend Heroes & Key Lean - Timeless Vol.4

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Title: Timeless Vol.4
Catalog: P023
Released: 17.03.2023
Type: EP
Protagonist Recordings is thrilled to announce the release featuring a diverse range of electronic tracks. The EP boasts two tracks by the well known Weekend Heroes and Key Lean, who have been making waves in the scene with their unique sound and captivating performances.

Joining them on the EP are rising star Dommano from Lithuania, who delivers two tracks that showcase his keen ear for melody and penchant for intricate sound design. But that's not all, the EP also features a mesmerizing track by Patrick Medina titled 'Angelic Transmission' that is sure to transport you to another dimension.

And if that's not enough, the EP also includes two outstanding remixes of 'Angelic Transmission' by the talented Aspeckt and Marchesan. The remixes add a new dimension to the already stunning track, taking it to a whole new level of energy and intensity.
[4:35] 1. Dommano - USG Ishimura
[4:47] 2. Dommano - Dead Space
[6:35] 3. Patrick Medina - Angelic Transmission
[8:24] 4. Patrick Medina - Angelic Transmission (Aspeckt Remix)
[7:25] 5. Patrick Medina - Angelic Transmission (Marchesan Remix)
[6:58] 6. Weekend Heroes - Infinity
[6:45] 7. Key Lean - Cosmic Feelings

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