Cosmic Energy
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Jake & Almo & Arsen Gold & Snowman - Cosmic Energy

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Title: Cosmic Energy
Catalog: BIFR013
Released: 17.03.2023
Type: Single
Jake & Almo returns to Bifrost Recordings with a blast!

Their latest single 'Let Me Be the One' that featured Josie Sandfeld on vocals was an atmospheric 128 BPM Banger, but this time the danish trancers set fire to the dancefloor with their usual 140 BPM.

'Cosmic Energy' is a collaboration with Arsen Gold, the upcoming Trance Wizard from Guatamala - and the amazing vocals are provided by Snowman, who provides some of the best male vocals in trance today.

Expect nothing less than trance at it's best - a beautiful breakdown, a catchy hook, pumping beats and the overall feeling of energy... Cosmic Energy!
01. Jake & Almo, Arsen Gold, Snowman - Cosmic Energy (Extended Mix) [07:04]
02. Jake & Almo, Arsen Gold, Snowman - Cosmic Energy (Original Mix) [04:55]

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