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Grazze - Maya!

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Artist: Grazze
Title: Maya!
Catalog: BF341
Released: 17.03.2023
Type: EP
We are this celebrating a new release from our dear label artist GRAZZE, who is back after his last E.P. "Another breath" coming this time with these 2 new gems. "Maya!", the first song is a powerful track full of Melodic / Indie touches made for changing any point of the Dj Set with its original and different rythmic patterns. Alexandros Djkevingr made an awesome remix of "Maya!" including some melodic ideas that creates a versión which take us back to the 90's. "La niña de la aldea" has some other kind of vibes to create a perfect side B for the E.P. GRAZZE mixes different styles in this track and show us his versatil way of producing, playing between afro rythms, melodic details and deep /chill instrumental patterns. We also welcome Widerberg to our label remixing "La niña de la aldea", taking the track into a melodic / club versión.
[5:51] 1. GRAZZE - Maya!
[6:00] 2. GRAZZE - La Niña De La Aldea
[7:53] 3. GRAZZE - Maya! (Alexandros Djkevingr Remix)
[5:51] 4. GRAZZE - La Niña De La Aldea (widerberg Remix)

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