Dreams Of Maya
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Lemongrass - Dreams Of Maya

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Artist: Lemongrass
Title: Dreams Of Maya
Catalog: LGM401
Released: 17.03.2023
Type: Album
1.Ashram 03:11
2.Devotion 03:54
3.Atman 02:40
4.Samadhi 03:58
5.Jiva 02:44
6.Brahman 03:12
7.Ishvara 03:44
8.Nataraja 03:03
9.Samsara 02:00
10.Vedanta 04:27

The latest Lemongrass album release is dedicated to Advaita Vedānta – a spiritual pathway and the oldest extant tradition of the Hindu school Vedānta. Already since his youth, Roland Voss aka Lemongrass has been fascinated by the work of Patanjali, Shankara, Maharshi and Sri Aurobindo. To put his studies and enduring fascination into a musical form, had been a long held wish. The outcome is an inspiration, a masterpiece of East meets West. “Dreams Of Maya” features the finest of modern Downtempo Electronica, but tabla, sitar, flute and percussion got the lead. Being deep and introspective but positive and light-hearted at the same time, the nature of these ten emotive compositions is a real treat, an uplifting nourishment for body, mind and soul.
Each song is a highlight in itself, refined with attention to detail, creating an interwoven melodic cosmos. With “Samsara” and “Vedanta” the album ends in pure meditative bliss. Precisely the perfect finish, underlining the spirit of the entire journey, which is a hymn for spiritual wellbeing. Therefore “Dreams of Maya” is a musical companion to trust, for slowing down, reflecting, healing… and dreaming.

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