Zania's Journey
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Forever Heaven - Zania's Journey

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Artist: Forever Heaven
Title: Zania's Journey
Catalog: PWR355
Released: 18.02.2023
Type: EP
Irving Pineiro aka Forever Heaven is a DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist from the island of Puerto Rico. He started entering the DJ scene since 2014 playing through raves, clubs and open-air festivals. His production journey began has an experimental ambient producer, percussionist and has a bass player in numerous prog-bands in the local scene, and later has a drum and bass producer, but always hearing Psytrance mixes, music and interviews. Until one day he felt called to resume all his influences and concentrate all is efforts in making Psytrance music.
01. Tetramorph [07:37]
02. Zania's Journey [07:06]

28 Mar 2023 в 19:26
Интересная обложка и название релиза, осталось послушать сам материал, который по предпрослушке пока 50/50
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