Last Sunset
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Alexander Komarov - Last Sunset

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Title: Last Sunset
Catalog: ITP252E
Released: 19.05.2023
Type: Single
Here you are, waiting for a date with the sea, it greets you, plunges you into a warm embrace, excites and washes you with the thousands of splashes, and then it's time to say goodbye! You're sitting on the shore, watching the sunset over the horizon and now you'll meet this last sunset together, so make a wish to come back again soon. Dive into the world of beautiful and bright sounds with this fresh single 'Last Sunset' by Alexander Komarov!
1. Last Sunset 03:56
2. Last Sunset (Extended Mix) 05:12
21 May 2023 в 23:08
неплохой трек!
вспоминаются первые выпуски трансмиссии...
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