Free Life
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Fergie & Sadrian - Free Life

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Title: Free Life
Catalog: PHARMACY262
Released: 26.05.2023
Type: Single
The Fergie & Sadrian music machine have once again produced another masterpiece. Free Life is a stellar track from the opening groove of the kick and bass. Arpeggiated lines are layered to make a woven tapestry as the track builds toward the breakdown. It is the melody introduced in the breakdown that is the star of this work of art. There is a purity to the tone of the melody that gives it a heavenly feel while the melody line itself has an uplifting feel without being euphoric. Fergie & Sadrian have created a brilliant track that is both powerful and inspirational. Free Life is stand out track in any set!
Fergie & Sadrian - Free Life (Original Mix) [06:10]

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