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Stil & Bense - Cyberlove

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Artist: Stil & Bense
Title: Cyberlove
Label: Heinz Music
Catalog: HM150
Released: 26.05.2023
Type: EP
It's been 2 years since Stil & Bense charmed their way into our hearts with the beautiful "4 Lovers" EP on Heinz Music, so we were more than ready for this reunion. And "Cyberlove EP" is the perfect homecoming. A powerful hymn takes center stage with the title track. The driving groove rolls forward with electrifying percussions and a futuristic vocal that melts the worlds of nature and technology together, building momentum with proper goosebump moments.

"The Spark" is a fiery tune that carries a lot of emotion in its playful yet slightly melancholic synth melodies. The seducing vocals inspires a feeling of being out there in space, surrounded by stars and galaxies, while the pumping groove grounds you and certifies it as a proper dance floor tune.

Last but not least, "The Soul" enters the musical realm. Although slightly toned down energy wise, it is a fury of on point percussions and wild, emotive vocal elements. With a slightly 80s manifesting vibe, the track is simply simmering with enthralling synths slowly turning and twisting through the track, creating an out of this world atmosphere.

We can't wait to hear this EP on dance floors around the world. Welcome back, "Stil & Bense"!
[6:16] 1. Stil & Bense - Cyberlove
[7:34] 2. Stil & Bense - The Spark
[7:04] 3. Stil & Bense - The Soul

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