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Malov - Endurance

Rating: 4.4 Votes: 5
Artist: Malov
Title: Endurance
Catalog: BF348
Released: 26.05.2023
Type: EP
Welcoming once again a new talented artist to our Beatfreak family. Taylan comes after several releases in Black Rose & Mago Music, being taken by a great group of remixers working on his new E.P "Endurance".

The main track which gives the name to the whole E.P. is a masterpiece ready to take you into the dancefloor with its hypnotical melodies and continuous rhythms.

"My Love" has a lovely combination between emotional vocals and deep low patterns. Remixed by Dizharmonia & Skapi in their special vision of the track, driving it into a classic melodic techno sound with an infinite build up and powerful indie melodic touches in the drop.

We also find in "Guilting loving you" the personal touch of the artist, his hypnotical melodies and emotive vocals mixed in a wonderful combination which evokes to their listeners a deep breath on the breaks and explosive energy reaching the drops which are made for smashing the club.

S.ONE remixes "Guilting loving you" creating a warmer version of the original mix, always respecting its identity. In the other hand, Erly Tephsi has created a progressive elegant version including some trance backgrounds making the softer and deeper side of the E.P.
[7:10] 1. Malov - Endurance (Extended Mix)
[6:18] 2. Malov - My Love (Extended Mix)
[7:13] 3. Malov - Guilting Loving You (Extended Mix)
[6:54] 4. Malov - My Love (Dizharmonia & Skapi Remix)
[6:42] 5. Malov - Guilting Loving You (S.ONE Remix)
[7:02] 6. Malov - Guilty Loving You (Erly Tepshi Remix)

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