Stars & Satellites
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Hyunji-A - Stars & Satellites

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Artist: Hyunji-A
Title: Stars & Satellites
Label: TOR
Catalog: TOR041
Released: 26.05.2023
Type: EP
Korean-Canadian producer Hyunji-A returns to TOR, continuing to cement her bespoke sound, which highlights enticing and emotive grooves. She's been turning heads in her hometown Montreal through headlining shows at the esteemed Stereo, and her production career is well underway with releases flowing on the likes of OneDotSixTwo, 3rd Avenue, and right here on TOR.

Following her delightful duo on the Ticking Clock EP, Hyunji-A is back to soundtrack the summer with her second offering on TOR - the Stars and Satellites EP.

On the A-side, Stars and Satellites opens with crisp drum programming and floating hooks, before a sharp kick and rhythmic percussions open to a bountiful bassline. Build for the club, Hyunji's vocals float in the background, allowing the melodics to lift energy throughout a big build. A bomb from start to finish.

The B-side Badabing is a playful joint, touching upon micro-minimal flavors and acidic tones. Aptly titled, the B-side toys with the mind and bounces across all corners of the brain. This is sure to find the hands of seasoned selectors.

Closing us out is the percussive house jam Game of Chance. Powerful and prolific, Hyunji-A's sound is ready to rock on big systems. Easing into progressive territories, she effortlessly flexes her range as a producer and leaves us calling for more!
[5:18] 1. Hyunji-A - Stars & Satellites (Original Mix)
[6:43] 2. Hyunji-A - Badabing (Extended Mix)
[6:56] 3. Hyunji-A - Game of Chance (Extended Mix)

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