Stretching Life
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Blancah - Stretching Life

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Artist: Blancah
Title: Stretching Life
Label: Hiato Music
Catalog: HIA017
Released: 02.06.2023
Type: EP
Our queen BLANCAh returns home, this time with an explosive release. "Stretching Life", an EP with two original tracks, reveals the deeper side of BLANCAh's sound.
The balance between dark textures and saturated bass, with fanciful melodies that elevate us to different mental stages, is what makes this new work very unique.
BLANCAh itself defines its creative process as a constant search for mixing power and poetry, and this new EP once again reflects the result of this search. These are two powerful songs that for sure will find a place into sets and dancefloors around the world.
[6:54] 1. Blancah - Stretching Life
[7:17] 2. Blancah - Um Novo Dia

6 Jun 2023 в 03:56
She has become my new obsession, anything else from Blancah will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot
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