Melancholy Party
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Corren Cavini & Thysma - Melancholy Party

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Title: Melancholy Party
Catalog: PF0122
Released: 02.06.2023
Type: EP
Dutch producer Corren Cavini makes his Purified Records debut with a dynamic two-track EP, 'Melancholy Party'. The title track is a timeless cut, which achieves sonic bliss through lush piano chords, alluring synths and gentle percussion. Teaming up with fellow Dutch producer Thysma, 'Frostbite' showcases the heavier side to his production prowess. Juxtaposing raw bass with soaring synths, this club-focused record will take listeners on an epic sonic journey throughout different heights.
[6:05] 1. Corren Cavini - Melancholy Party (Extended Mix)
[6:25] 2. Corren Cavini & Thysma - Frostbite (Extended Mix)

1 Jun 2023 в 21:13
Второй трек пушечка просто 💯
6 Jun 2023 в 02:59
Very beautiful, thanks
6 Jun 2023 в 21:07
2 трек
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