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Jaret Reis - Starmakers

Rating: 3.5 Votes: 6
Artist: Jaret Reis
Title: Starmakers
Catalog: PVM650
Released: 05.06.2023
Type: Single
Jaret Reis is a newcomer on PVM with his new track 'Starmakers'. Jaret says: "Starmakers it's a Progressive Trance Track with a Great Bassline and an Emotional Ambience into the Breakdown. This is the Concept of the Track, I was thinking of a Soundtrack for the creation of The Universe... but not as a chaotic or violent act... it's more like if you were the spectator of that beautiful event and some kind of celestial gods were building the universe piece by piece. That's the reason I called this track Starmakers"
1. Starmakers (Extended Mix) 05:30
2. Starmakers (Radio Edit) 03:35
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