Fractured Heart
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Blanka Barbara - Fractured Heart

Rating: 4.3 Votes: 26
Artist: Blanka Barbara
Title: Fractured Heart
Label: JOOF Aura
Catalog: JA103
Released: 21.08.2023
Type: Single
Introducing Blanka Barbara's highly anticipated release on JOOF Aura, a rising star in the Progressive scene whose productions have already garnered massive support from A-list DJs around the globe. In her latest offering, Blanka Barbara delivers nothing short of musical bliss. From the moment the track begins, a hypnotic synth lead bass line takes hold, effortlessly drawing you into a beautiful groove that resonates deep within your soul. The captivating energy of the track is undeniable, creating an immersive experience that keeps you hooked from start to finish. But it doesn't stop there. The breakdown of the track is truly outstanding, providing a moment where time stands still. It's a true "eyes closed" experience that transcends reality, allowing you to get lost in the ethereal soundscape. And just when you think you've reached the pinnacle, the track catapults you back into the realm of hypnotic beats, leaving you in awe of the mind-blowing sonic journey you've just embarked upon. Blanka Barbara's release on JOOF Aura is a testament to her extraordinary talent and creative prowess. With every beat and melody meticulously crafted, she has crafted a track that captures the essence of progressive music at its finest. Prepare to be transported into a world of sonic wonder as Blanka Barbara's mesmerizing composition takes you on an unforgettable musical voyage.
[7:21] 1. Blanka Barbara - Fractured Heart (Original Mix)

21 Aug 2023 в 21:01
Интересное (*_*)
4 Sep 2023 в 14:12
мм какой шелковистый бас, аж ухо щекочет
4 Sep 2023 в 14:24
Joof 101 добавь флак 
4 Sep 2023 в 14:41
Joof 101 добавь флак  Показать больше
он псевдофлак - качество там желает лучшего
4 Sep 2023 в 14:57
Шикарный релиз
4 Sep 2023 в 15:18
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он псевдофлак - качество там желает лучшего Показать больше
Ответил) я думал вообще не читает комы
4 Sep 2023 в 23:47
Ответ на: ric-off
он псевдофлак - качество там желает лучшего Показать больше

Псевдофлак)Да ты Петросян однако
5 Sep 2023 в 01:32
БОМБА ! ! !
5 Sep 2023 в 20:02
Ответ на: RayZ
10 Sep 2023 в 00:59
11 Sep 2023 в 03:59
perfect Prog-House track!
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