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Louis La Roche - Admittedly

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Artist: Louis La Roche
Title: Admittedly
Released: 01.09.2023
Type: Album
1.Some Way 03:58
2.Honest (feat. HEDDIE) 04:14
3.Be Like That 03:37
4.Gone (feat. Sean Devine) 03:52
5.Colours 04:00
6.Sax Break (Interlude) 01:19
7.The Broken One (feat. Ashley Alisha) 04:43
8.Wide Awake (feat. Spell City) 04:12
9.Here If You Need Me 03:56
10.By The Phone 04:15
11.Waver 03:55
12.Just A Little Bit Of Your Lovin' (Interlude) 02:02
13.Where Did All The Time Go 03:52
14.Teary-Eyed (feat. J.None) 04:22

Louis La Roche returns with his fifth studio album 'Admittedly'.
Limiting himself to synthesisers and techniques used in the 1980's, Louis set out to create a Modern Pop album, using only vintage sounds. The result is a beautifully nostalgic, soundscape journey, fused with contemporary songwriting. Lyrically the album explores 'hard truths' within relationships as it's core concept, set to the soft, rich and warm tones from the albums sound palette. Two years in the making, the album is his first LP to be pressed to vinyl.
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